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Rei Elvor


Age: 15

Race: Elf

Background: Rei is the son of the famed hero Lluis Elvor. He was raised in Sevle by his grandfather Raduro after his parents were killed. Because of this and his unusual paleness, he grew up with very few friends. However, his father's heroism gets him much attention outside of Sevle.

Role: main character

Personality: Rei is very shy and reserved, he doesn't often talk to anyone who isn't close to him. He tends to approach most situations with caution, but with encouragement is capable of great courage.

Sarah Edwards


Age: 15

Race: Sapia

Background: Sarah was raised by a family that wasn't always around. Because of this she prefers to spend her time with friends, and tends to take care of herself, despite her young age. She taught herself many of the things she knows, including her summoning abilities.

Role: supporting character

Personality: Sarah is very friendly and outgoing, though a bit naive. She can befriend almost anyone, and will be very loyal to them.



Age: 16

Race: Animix

Background: Koji is supposedly the strongest summoner in his village. He was taken in by the village's chief who raised him as his own son. Because of this, Koji took it upon himself to defend the village with his abilities.

Role: supporting character

Personality: Koji is overly outgoing, as well as very brash and egotistical. However, he is also responsible and loyal. He will happily defend anyone who he befriends. He tends to be very sarcastic, and will even playfully tease his friends. However, it takes quite a bit to befriend Koji, as he is very suspicious of people.


Age: Unknown

Race: Half Elf/ Half Sapia

Background: Nommus was a powerful summoner in Sevle, however he became mad with power. He sought to become even more powerful than the guardian spirit herself. Raduro was the only one who defied him, he defeated Nommus years ago, and Nommus came to resent him for it.

Role: main antagonist

Personality: Nommus is ruthless, doing whatever it takes to acquire power. He is calm and calculating, almost never becoming upset or angry in battle.

Ammun Rei

Ammun Rei

Age: 18

Race: Demon

Background: Ammun Rei is the prince of a little known kingdom called "Underkingdom". His father died at the hands of Lluis when he was very young, and he has come to blame Elves for the oppression of his people. He rescued Lexxie from Nommus at age 10, and slowly fell in love with her.

Role: antagonist

Personality: Ammun Rei tends to be very hot headed. He doesn't think things through, often relying on brute force. However he is capable of kindness. He thinks very little of himself, putting those he cares about above himself. He will defend those he is close to to the death.

Alexus "Lexxie"


Age: 16

Race: Animix

Background: Lexxie was taken from her family by Nommus when she was very young. No one knows much about them, not even Lexxie. She was rescued by Ammun Rei when she was only 8.

Role: supporting character

Personality: Lexxie is very obedient, but will speak up when something is wrong. She is relatively outgoing, she likes to talk to people, but doesn't go out of the way to do so. However she can be clingy.