Gagak Bahasa Inggris

Gagak Bahasa Inggris


bahasa inggris bueung gagak adalah crow, ravenbahasa inggrisnya gagak itu adalah:crow

2. apa bahasa inggris gagak

bahasa inggrisnya adalah crowJawaban :

Bahasa inggrisnya gagak adalah Crow.

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3. Gagak bahasa inggrisnya?






gagak = raven/crow


maaf kalo jwbn sy slh

4. deskripsi singkat tentang burung gagak dalam bahasa inggris

Burung Gagak (Crow)
Crow has black fur all over its body. It has black beak too. It can fly and eat small animal like insect.

itu ajaaa kak :)A crow is a bird that is often found in North America, they have soft black wings and are one of the smartest birds, for they can make strategy to steal food and trick humans

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5. bahasa inggris dari burung gagak

Crow........................burung gagak = crow

6. Cerita burung gagak dan kendi dengan bahasa Inggris


The Crow and the Pitcher

It was a sweltering hot summer day. A crow, parched with thirst, came upon a pitcher of water. But the pitcher was only half full. The crow leaned and stretched and thrust out his beak as far as he could. No matter how hard he tried, he could not reach the water.


All of sudden, the crow had an idea. He picked up a pebble in his beak and dropped it into the water. The water level in the pitcher rose just a tiny bit. So he dropped in another pebble, then another, then one more. The crow continued doing this for a long time. Finally, the water in the pitcher has risen high enough. The crow poked in his beak and drank to his heart's content!

Moral of the story: Little by little does the trick!


Gagak dan Kendi Air

Pada suatu hari di musim panas yang terik. Seekor burung gagak, dengan sangat haus—kering kerontang, tiba di sebuah kendi air. Tapi air di kendi itu hanya setengah penuh. Gagak itu membungkuk, meregangkan dan mengulurkan paruhnya sejauh yang ia bisa. Tidak peduli seberapa keras ia mencoba, ia tidak bisa mencapai air dalam kendi air tersebut.

Tiba-tiba, burung gagak punya ide. Dia mengambil batu kerikil di paruhnya dan menjatuhkannya ke dalam air. Ketinggian air di kendi pun naik walaupun hanya sedikit. Jadi ia menjatuhkan batu kerikil lain, lalu yang lain, kemudian satu lagi. Gagak terus melakukan hal tersebut untuk waktu yang lama. Akhirnya, permukaan air di kendi tersebut pun meningkat cukup tinggi. Burung gagak itu pun langsung menjulurkan paruhnya dan minum air sepuas-puasnya!

7. ciri-ciri burung gagak dalam bahasa inggris dan terjemahnya

crow has a black feather with a very sharp black eyes eyes. has a black leg, black beak. and often flyed in the cemetery. the eggs is also 3-4 with a black spot on it.

gagak memiliki bulu hitam dengan mata hitam yang tajam. memiliki kaki yang hitam, paruh yang hitam, dan sering terbang di area pemakaman . telurnya berkisar 3-4 dengan bintik bintik hitam.
Banggai Crow Forest glance similar to crows (Corvus ENCA)Has a body length of about 39 cmBlack coat color.Tail shorter than the Crow ForestDarker colored iris( livestock )
Gagak Banggai sekilas mirip dengan Gagak Hutan (Corvus enca)Memiliki ukuran panjang tubuh sekitar 39 cmWarna bulu hitam. Ekor yang lebih pendek dibandingkan Gagak HutanIris mata berwarna lebih gelap( ternak )

8. deskripsi burung gagak dalam bahasa inggris

raven bird itu bahasa inggrisx burung gagakCrow BIRD BURUNG GAGAK CROW BIRD

9. apa bahasa inggrisnya siluman gagak merah?

rebtire resturbe, hahahahaDemon red crow

semoga membantumu

10. deskripsi tentang burung gagak dalam bahasa inggris beserata artinya

Crow is the bird who's known by its chirp. Almost all of these bird species are relatively large and dominant black colored fur. No distribution area across continents and islands, with the exception of companies in South United. In between types kind of bird, crows are known to have the highest level of intelligence among birds. These qualities have long been known to man, particularly in skill stole various tools humans , These animals have the ability to learn and be able to solve the problem by utilizing existing resources in the vicinity.

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